Mission Meow Partnership

We are proud to announce our partnership with Mission Meow! From various cat shows and expos we have known the organizers of this new venture for years and were super excited when they came to us with a brand new idea for supporting non-profits.

Mission Meow is puts together groups of businesses to help fund specific projects for small, cat focused non profits. It is a reoccurring and more stable way to crowd-fund for a variety of amazing causes. Every month, a project is selected and a group of businesses participating in Mission Meow helps to raise funds individually. At the end of the month, the funding is combined and awarded to the organization. The recipients are thoroughly vetted through our application process, and you will know exactly where the donation funds are being allocated. Businesses participate quarterly so that funding is year round but fundraising only needs to be done 4 times a year per company.

The first round of funding is planned to take place in October of 2022! See more about them here: https://missionmeow.org/