Try Some Valerian Root!

Valerian root is a great alternative to catnip despite it not being very well known in the cat community. We offer chopped valerian root that is great for refilling toys or to give loose and also a a super versatile powder. It is perfect for blending in with catnip and silvervine but also very potent by itself. 

Cats love the root of this plant often used in teas for people! Cat owners often find out their cat loves valerian when they see them running off with a teabag.  It contains two naturally occurring oils cats are attracted to. One mimics cat pheremones and the other is similar to an oil in catnip. 

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Valerian Root & Cats – A Love Story

Valerian Root is an all natural plant with a super pungent smell that can gives cats a big reaction! It is perfect to try if your cat is one of the 40% who don’t react to catnip or you are just looking for something else for them to enjoy during play time. 

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