Super Potent Catnip!

There’s more than catnip for your cat to love, but our catnip is pretty great too!  We offer the always popular ground catnip but also whole buds and even super fine catnip keef powder. You will also find some of our special blends with valerian and silvervine to really amp up the effects.

Our catnip is chock full of the natural oil cats that go crazy for and contain minimal sticks, leaves, and other filler. You can immediately see and smell the difference of what you have tried before.

Add some Toys too!

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Is Catnip a Cat Drug?

Catnip makes cats zoom up and down the hallways and roll around on the floor. But how does it have this magic effect? Catnip is an herb that grows naturally with a scent that acts as a cat pheromone.

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