Q: What’s a Catnip Alternative?

A: Everyone knows cats love catnip, but many people don’t realize that there are other natural plants that cats react to in similar ways! The most common of these are Silvervine (also known as Matatabi) and Valerian Root. They, like catnip, contain natural oils that act similarly to cat pheromones and provoke a wide range of fun reactions. 

Q: How do they work? Are they Safe?

A: Everything is completely safe!  The fun effects occur entirely from scent of the plants on the cat so no drug like interaction is happening. However some cats do prefer to ingest them as well. Each cat has their own favorite plant and may react differently to each. What they prefer is based on genetics, their experiences, and how they like to play. The best way to tell what a cat enjoys is to try them!!

All of our catnip and catnip alternatives contain no additives and are processed and packaged in the USA.


A plant native to the mountains of Asia that is known as the catnip of Japan. Studies show over 80% of cats enjoy silvervine making it perfect for cats who don’t react to catnip (1 out of 3) or as way to try something new to break up their normal play routine!

Silvervine powder and matatabi sticks with text that says silvervine is available in multiple forms. 


The natural oil in catnip that cats go crazy for is known as Nepetalactone. This oil is the most highly concentrated in the flowers of the plant which form as it reaches full height.

Our catnip is chock full of these highly potent buds and contains minimal sticks, leaves, and other filler. You can immediately see and smell the difference of what you have tried before. 

A resealable bottle of catnip with text that says the pop top bottle keeps it fresh. 


Cats love the root of this plant often used in teas for people! It contains two naturally occurring oils cats are attracted to. One mimics cat pheremones and the other is similar to an oil in catnip. People often find out their cat loves it when they see them running off with a teabag.  

Valerian root