About Us


After rescuing our current pair of cats (Allister and Cypress), we found that they turned up their nose at all of the catnip and catnip toys that we tried, unlike many of our previous kitties. After much research to satisfy our curiosity, we found out that there are other plants that give similar effects for cats as traditional catnip, but through different essential oils. While not well known here in the USA, many alternatives are popular all over the word and even more popular than catnip in many countries. On our journey we also learned much of what is sold as “catnip” is actually just the catnip stalk and that there was much more to the plant.

In early 2018, we began Meowy Janes from our workshop in New Jersey to help share these many alternatives with the world and educate on how these different plants effect cats. We work with family owned farms and sustainable sources for all of our products. We also hand make a variety of reusable cat toys and carry unique pieces of jewelry for cat lovers.

We offer our products through our website, various online shops, and in person at many local markets, pop up boutiques, and cat conventions.

Allister & Cypress

A black and white cat eye
A black and white cat paw
A brown cat
A brown cat
A white cat
A cat
A black and white cat face eye
A brown cat