New Lower Prices – But Separate Shipping

We are changing up our pricing for the better! From when we created Meowy Janes until today, the shipping rates set by the Post Office have increased nearly 50%. We have always offered free shipping and built that cost into our prices but it now has been forcing us to price some products higher than we prefer, makes it difficult to sell small lower cost items, and has made creating sales tricky.

Starting today, we have decreased our prices across all products but you will now pay shipping (an average between $3.50 to $5 for most orders).

To Celebrate Here’s a Coupon Code for 10% off of any order over $20 (valid until 8/31/2022). Enter at Checkout: 10CATS

Ordering multiple items together will now be cheaper since you only will pay for the exact shipping your package costs. Oftentimes the shipping for one item will be $3.50 but for two items still be that same $3.50 or just $4.00. For example, two kickers and a tin of silvervine would have been $46 but now is $43 even with shipping.

We are hoping to add more smaller items in the coming months but check out some new toys below too!

Please reach out with any questions.