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Whole Catnip Buds

Whole Catnip Buds - Meowy Janes
Whole Catnip Buds - Meowy Janes
Whole Catnip Buds - Meowy Janes
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The strongest and most potent form of catnip!

Meowy Janes Catnip Buds are sure to please even the most finicky of cats.

  • The most natural and purest form of catnip!
  • Doubles as a cat toy to promote play and relieve anxiety and boredom in house cats.
  • Each resealable bag¬†is stuffed with approximately 5 grams of¬†catnip buds.

Your cat has never experienced catnip like this before- unprocessed catnip buds straight from the field.

The buds are perfect size and shape for cats to be able to pick up, shake, bat around the house, or even munch on. You can also break up the buds with your fingers or use a grinder, then sprinkle on cat toys, trees or scratching posts or anywhere you want to encourage your cat to play, cuddle, and be happy!

-What are Catnip Buds?-

Catnip grows like many herbs - with a long stem, many leaves, and at the very top there are are blooms of buds and flowers. 


The natural oil in catnip plant that cats go crazy for is Nepetalactone. It is highly concentrated in the little bell shaped flowers of the catnip plant. Meowy Janes Catnip Buds are made up entirely of hand trimmed bunches of these tiny flowers. Upon opening the package, you (and your cat) will be able to smell the difference between our buds and "regular old" catnip!

If your cat hasn’t shown an interest in catnip before... maybe they just haven't tried the right kind yet. You will be surprised at their reaction to our Meowy Janes Catnip Buds.

* Not all cats react to the essential oils of different plants in the same way. What they prefer is based on genetics, their mood, the day, and how they like to play.  If you don't know what your cat likes, our Variety Box makes it easy to try all the options available and see what your cat prefers.*

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