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Catnip Alternative Variety Box- Party Pack

Catnip Alternative Variety Box- Party Pack - Meowy Janes
Catnip Alternative Variety Box- Party Pack - Meowy Janes
Catnip Alternative Variety Box- Party Pack - Meowy Janes
Catnip Alternative Variety Box- Party Pack - Meowy Janes
Catnip Alternative Variety Box- Party Pack - Meowy Janes
Catnip Alternative Variety Box- Party Pack - Meowy Janes
Catnip Alternative Variety Box- Party Pack - Meowy Janes
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Everyone knows about catnip, but did you know there are other natural plants that cats love just as much (or even more)?

Our Meowy Janes Catnip Alternative Variety Box lets your cat try what they have been missing! There is something here for every kitty to enjoy... you may even find a new favorite! 

Our party pack box contains enough for over a hundred play times! It includes:

  • A resealable bag with¬†8-9¬†matatabi sticks (depending on vine thickness)
  • 1 fl oz tin of silvervine powder
  • 3.5¬†fl oz pop top bottle of valerian root
  • 7.5¬†fl oz pop top bottle of catnip
  • Handmade¬†refillable fabric mouse toy¬†to make playtime fun and easy.
  • Promotes play to relieve anxiety and boredom in house cats.

Typical behaviors of cats on catnip, valerian root or silvervine include rolling, chin rubbing, meowing, chewing, drooling and licking. Some cats will become kitten like... with tons of happy energy! Others become more relaxed and like to chill out in a dreamlike state.

Add some of the catnip, valerian, or a blend to the refillable toy or sprinkle a pinch on a scratching post, blanket, or wherever you want to encourage your cat to play. 

Click on "Add a note to your order" at checkout to let us know your refillable mouse toy color preference- specify girl, boy, or unisex fabric pattern. We have tons of fabric patterns not pictured, so if you have specific color preferences, let us know too! If no preference is given, a mouse toy will be randomly chosen!


-What's in the Party Pack?-

Matatabi Sticks

A great alternative to catnip that also helps maintain healthy teeth! Packed into our all natural Matatabi Sticks are natural oils that drive cats wild. 

Gently rub off some bark of the stick to release the scents then let your cat enjoy. They will rub, roll, play, and have a blast! These sticks promote healthy chewing behaviors and are safe for cats to tear apart during play.

Valerian Root

Our valerian is the coarsely chopped root of Valeriana Officinalis, a flowering plant with sweetly scented white or pink flowers that grows around the world. It has been used as a medicinal herb for humans since the time of ancient Greece and Rome. 

Cats love the root of this plant! It contains two naturally occurring essential oils- actinidine and valeric acid. Valeric acid acts similarly to a cat pheromone, while actinidine is structurally similar to the nepetalactone in catnip. Cats react to actinidine similarly to how most react to catnip...with great enthusiasm! 

 Silvervine Powder

To make our natural Silvervine Powder, we very finely grind up the dried fruit of an climbing ivy like plant called the Actinindia Polygama- more commonly known as Silver Vine due to the color of its distinctive leaves. 

 The silvervine fruit contains two natural olfactory attractants whereas traditional catnip only has one. This makes it much more enticing than catnip to cats.


Think that all catnip is the same? It's not! Our all natural catnip is packed with tons of the most potent part of the catnip plant- the flowers - so every pinch gives a BIG reaction!

Our catnip is farm grown in the USA, harvested at the peak of freshness, and contains minimal leaves, stems, and stalks. If your cat hasn’t shown an interest in catnip before... maybe they haven't yet tried the right kind.

-Included Refillable Toy-

Our handmade cotton refillable mouse toys make it easy for your cat to enjoy playtime

  • ¬†Flip the mouse 'head' open, put in a few pinches of the valerian root blend, then fold the¬†'head' back over. Your cat won't be able to keep their paws off it!¬†
  • The refillable toys are great fun for individual play, but they make the perfect bonding playtime toy too- we love to slowly drag it along by the braided jute tail and watch as they stalk and pounce!
  • The toys do not have to be fully stuffed- a little blend goes a long way!
Meowy Wowie Refillable Catnip Toy


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