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Bamboo Pin Brush Add On

Bamboo Pin Brush - Meowy Janes
Bamboo Pin Brush Add On
Bamboo Pin Brush Add On
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Meowy Janes Bamboo pin brush is made from eco friendly bamboo and is designed with your cats comfort in mind. A pin brush is the right choice to remove loose, shedding fur and helps to keep long coats mat free. 

Add On Only: This is an add on item and will only ship free while purchasing another product.

This is a tool that should be in every long haired cat owners toolbox, because it helps to keep your cats coat tangle free

Why is it important to brush your cat?

- Brushing Helps to prevent Hairballs

- Great for bonding and relaxation for you and your cat 

- Regular brushing reduces Shedding

- Removing loose hair helps pet to regulate body temperature- cooling them in the summer and keeping them warm in the winter 

- Brushing regularly helps prevent painful matting, which also saves time/money in having to have a cat professionally groomed

- Brushing your cat regularly from the time it is young gets them used to being handled and touched

- Helps skin/coat to distribute skin oils, preventing flakes and keeping coat shiny

- Less hairballs around your house and hair on the furniture (and your clothes!)

How to brush and groom your cat-

First, make sure your cat is comfortable and receptive to being touched. Begin with areas where your cat likes to be pet, usually on the back, between their ears, or under the chin. Brush with the grain, and concentrate on one area at a time. As your cat becomes receptive to being brushed, you can slowly make your way toward more sensitive areas. If they become uncomfortable, stop for a while, then you can continue when they return back to being comfortable. Over time, your cat will become accustomed to being brushed and will enjoy it!