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Wholesale Info

Interested in offering our products to your customers? Here are some of our most popular! Each of our products are all natural with minimal processing, contain no additives, and are 100% safe for cats.  

Matatabi Sticks

Meowy Janes Matatabi Chew Sticks

Wholesale for ~$4 with retail price of ~$8.

Our sticks contain natural oils that act similar to catnip but are a soft vine that cats can both chew on and play with. They are well known in Asia but uncommon to find for sale in the USA. They are the most popular product for customers who want to try something new!

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High Potency Catnip in Pop Top

Meowy Janes Catnip

Two Sizes Available - Wholesale for ~$2 to ~$4 with retail price of ~$4 to ~$8.

High potency catnip farm grown in the USA in our unique pharmacy inspired packaging. Our catnip is primarily flower buds as opposed to sticks and leaves which is commonly sold to cut costs. The pop top bottles stand out and are an easy way to keep catnip fresh. 

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Ultra Blend (Catnip, Valerian Root, Silvervine Powder)

Meowy Janes Ultra Blend

Two Sizes Available - Wholesale for ~$3 to ~$5 with retail price of ~$6 to ~$10.

A blend of three all natural plants that cats love. Perfect for customers who want to try something that gives an even more fun reaction or that have cats who don't react strongly to catnip. The pop top bottles stand out and are an easy way to keep the product fresh.

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Silvervine Powder

Meowy Janes Silvervine Powder

Two Sizes Available - Wholesale for ~$3.50 to ~$5.50 with retail price of ~$8 to ~$12.

While only 2 out of 3 cats react to catnip, nearly 80% react to the natural oils in our Silvervine powder. A small pinch goes a very long way and the fine powder is perfect to rub on scratchers, toys, and more. Processed in the USA and 100% pure silvervine gall fruit unlike many imitations. 

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