Long Hair Brush Guide

Some of cat hair on your couch and clothes is always going to be part of cat ownership and they are definitely cute enough to overlook it! However, with a bit of good brushing technique you can turn that carpet of lose hair into just a little sprinkling.

Long hair cats are always more prone to tangles and knots than short hair kitties. To ensure that they can keep their long luxurious locks it is important to stay on top of their hair care. Otherwise you can end up with a expensive grooming bill and a cat with shaved spots! Multiple types of brushes are necessary to get down to the hair that is deep in the undercoat. If you only get the loose hair out from one, the other layer will still shed freely and get tangled.

Our long hair grooming box includes the four brushes that are ideal for long hair cats (and also a pair of nail clippers). Read some more info on how to use each below:

Pin Brush

Use this brush first to help break up any knots and/or tangles. It will remove some hair but it is best used to focus on tangled areas that are often around the stomach, legs, and neck. Start at the base of the head then work down to more sensitive areas with with this and all other brushes 

Slicker Brush

The slicker brush is great for the general removal of loose hair and larger debris all throughout the coat. The thin bristles get deep down into the undercoat to work out the hair. But cats have thin skin so brush gently and without too much pressure to avoid scratching them. Start at the base of the head then work down to more sensitive areas with with this and all other brushes .

Fine Tooth Comb

The comb removes any small bits of dandruff in the hair that aren’t caught by the larger bristles of the other brushes. The tightly spaced teeth are also useful for searching for any hidden tangles and checking for any fleas or ticks. 

Bristle Brush

The brushes soft flexible bristles help to distribute skin oils throughout your cats coat to make it look shiny and smooth. It won’t remove too much hair by itself and should mainly be used as a finshing brush at the very end.


Nail Clippers

When they are relaxed, start by holding your cats paw. Press down gently so their claws extend then trim off the clear white part in front of the quick (the pink blood supply). If you are unsure of the spot, clip just the sharp tips off and repeat more often. If your cat struggles with nail trimming you can spread it out and do only a few nails at a time.

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