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Whole Silvervine Gall Fruit

Whole Silvervine Gall Fruit - Meowy Janes
Whole Silvervine Gall Fruit - Meowy Janes
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Naturally Grown Silvervine Matatabi Gall Fruit

Silvervine is popularly used in East Asia as a cat stimulant, however it is not as well known as catnip in the United States. Many cats prefer silvervine to catnip- A 2017 study found that one in three cats do not respond to catnip but that 80 percent of all cats respond to Silvervine. For cats who have no reaction to catnip, it is an excellent alternative. If your cat already loves catnip, Silvervine can be a great addition to their playtime repertoire!

Only the gall fruit contains sufficient amounts of the olfactory attractants to trigger the euphoric reaction in cats. The other dried fruits from the plant (a more oblong shape) have shown to have much less of a reaction.

Giving your cat silvervine is a great way to promote play and relieve stress and anxiety. Give your cat a dried fruit and watch them play! Many cats will play independently, batting the fruit around, however you can also encourage play by tossing and batting around with them! This makes it an excellent bonding toy. It is safe for cats to consume the fruit, however they should be used as a supervised playtime toy only. When not being enjoyed, store in a sealed bag to maintain the freshness and attractiveness of the fruits.

These fruits can also be crushed into chunks and used inside of refillable toys if you prefer.

Typical behaviors of cats on silvervine include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, meowing, drooling and licking. Some cats will become kitten-like playing with toys and catching a case of the zoomies. Others will be more relaxed and will chill out in a dreamlike state.


***NOTE*** Not all cats react to the essential oils of each cat attractant plant in the same way. Which they prefer is based on genetics, their mood, the day, and how they like to play. Just like catnip, most cats LOVE silvervine, but there is a small percentage of cats who don't react to it. Each product we offer does have a different appeal to different cats, and the majority like most- but just like us, they have their preferences! If you are unsure what your cat likes, the Sampler box is an awesome way to try it all and see what your cat prefers!

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