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Valerian Root + Catnip Blend

Valerian Root + Catnip Blend - Meowy Janes
Valerian Root + Catnip Blend - Meowy Janes
Valerian Root + Catnip Blend - Meowy Janes
Valerian Root + Catnip Blend - Meowy Janes
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We've combined two feline favorites! Valerian Root and Catnip!

Meowy Janes Valerian Root & Catnip Blend is the perfect way to spice up the catnip your cat already loves.

  • All natural and highly potent mixture containing 3 essential oils that each affect cats in unique ways.
  • Promotes play to relieve anxiety and boredom in house cats.
  • Add on a handmade refillable fabric mouse toy¬†to make playtime fun and easy
  • Each resealable pop top bottle is stuffed with¬†7.5 fl oz of our Valerian Root & Catnip Blend¬†
Click on 'Add a note to your order" at checkout if you add on a refillable mouse toy and have a preference of girl, boy or unisex fabric pattern. We have tons of different fabrics not pictured, so if you have color preferences, let us know too! No specifications will be randomly chosen. 
- What is Valerian Root + Catnip Blend?- 

Meowy Janes Valerian Root & Catnip Blend combines two favorite cat stimulants

We use all natural, USA grown, highly potent catnip as the base for this blend. Cats go crazy for the essential oil Nepetalactone found mostly in the flower buds of the catnip plant. Our catnip is chock full of buds and minimal leaves and stalks. 


Meowy Janes Valerian Root is the coarsely chopped root of Valeriana Officinalis, a flowering plant with sweetly scented white or pink flowers that grows around the world. It has been used as a medicinal herb for humans since the time of ancient Greece and Rome. 



Cats love the root of this plant! It contains two naturally occurring active oils- actinidine and valeric acid. Valeric acid acts similarly to a cat pheromone, while actinidine is structurally similar to the nepetalactone in catnip. Cats react to actinidine similarly to how most react to catnip... with great enthusiasm!

Cats find the stinky cheese, hint of mint, wet earth-esque scent of Valerian root irresistible.The smell can be a little pungent at first, but up close it smells nice! Your cat will especially think so.

* Not all cats react to the essential oils of plants in the same way. Which they prefer is based on genetics, their mood, the day, and how they like to play.  Our Variety Box makes it easy to try all the options available.*


- Refillable Toy-

Our handmade cotton refillable mouse toys make it easy for your cat to enjoy playtime

  • ¬†Flip the mouse 'head' open, put in a few pinches of the valerian root blend, then fold the¬†'head' back over. Your cat won't be able to keep their paws off it!¬†
  • The refillable toys are great fun for individual play, but they make the perfect bonding playtime toy too- we love to slowly drag it along by the braided jute tail and watch as they stalk and pounce!
  • The toys do not have to be fully stuffed- a little blend goes a long way!
Meowy Wowie Refillable Catnip Toy



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