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Silvervine + Catnip Blend

Silvervine + Catnip Blend - Meowy Janes
Silvervine + Catnip Blend - Meowy Janes
Silvervine + Catnip Blend - Meowy Janes
Silvervine + Catnip Blend - Meowy Janes
Silvervine + Catnip Blend - Meowy Janes
Silvervine + Catnip Blend - Meowy Janes
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 Our blend of catnip and silvervine powder is sure to give your cat tons of happy energy! 

  • All natural and highly potent mixture of two popular natural cat attractants.
  • Cats will experience a more powerful, intense longer lasting reaction with this blend
  • Helps promote play and relieve anxiety and boredom in house cats.
  • Add on a¬†handmade refillable fabric mouse toy¬†to make¬†playtime fun and easy
  • Each resealable pop top bottle is stuffed with¬†7.5 fl oz of a blend catnip and silvervine powder
Click on "Add a note to your order" at checkout if you add on a refillable mouse toy and have a preference of girl, boy or unisex fabric pattern. We have tons of different fabrics not pictured, so if you have color preferences, let us know as well! No specifications will be randomly chosen. 


- What is Catnip + Silvervine?  -

We use all natural, USA grown, highly potent catnip as the base for this blend. Cats go crazy for the essential oil Nepetalactone found mostly in the flower buds of the catnip plant. Our catnip is chock full of buds and minimal leaves and stalks. 

To make our natural Silvervine Powder, we very finely grind up the dried fruit of an climbing ivy like plant called the Actinindia Polygama- more commonly known as Silver Vine due to the distinctive color of its leaves. The silvervine fruit- related to the kiwi- contains two natural olfactory attractants cats love. 





Combining both of these differently acting and all natural plants into one mix will guarantee your cat has a wonderful time. If you have a cat who is hard to please this may be perfect to take them out of their shell. Or if your cat loves catnip this will be a whole new experience and fun change to their play time! 

* Not all cats react to the essential oils of different plants in the same way. What they prefer is based on genetics, their mood, the day, and how they like to play.  If you don't know what your cat likes, our Variety Box makes it easy to try all the options available and see what your cat prefers.*


- Refillable Toy -
Our handmade cotton refillable mouse toys make it easy for your cat to enjoy playtime

  • ¬†Flip the mouse 'head' open, put in a few pinches of blend, then fold the¬†'head' back over. Your cat won't be able to keep their paws off it!¬†



  • The refillable toys are great fun for individual play, but they make the perfect bonding playtime toy too- we love to slowly drag it along by the braided jute tail and watch as they stalk and pounce!
  • The toys do not have to be fully stuffed- a little blend goes a long way!

Meowy Wowie Refillable Cat Toy

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