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Short Hair Cat Grooming Set

Short Hair Cat Grooming Set - Meowy Janes
Short Hair Cat Grooming Set - Meowy Janes
Short Hair Cat Grooming Set - Meowy Janes
Short Hair Cat Grooming Set - Meowy Janes
Short Hair Cat Grooming Set - Meowy Janes
Short Hair Cat Grooming Set - Meowy Janes
Short Hair Cat Grooming Set
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Brushing your cat regularly greatly benefits their overall health and encourages bonding between pets and their owners!


Ā Have a cat with long hair as well? Add on the Pin Brush and you have all you need!


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Why is it important to brush your cat?

- Reduces shedding and prevents hairballs.
- Great for bonding and relaxation for you and your cat.
- Helps regulate body temperatureĀ in summer and winter by removing loose hair.
-Ā Prevents painful mattingĀ to avoid needing professional grooming.
- GetsĀ young and old cats used to being handled and touched.
- Distributes skin oils to prevent flakes and keeps coat shiny.

-What's in the Box?-

What's In the Box:

Curry Comb
- The rubber acts like a magnet to attract loose hair, it is flexible and light which is easy on a cats skin and reduces over stimulation from brushing, removes loose hair and massages skin, is the best brush for sensitive areas

Slicker Brush
- A slicker is a flat metal brush that has small, fine wire bristles that are bent at a slight angle. Wire slickers are good at removing any loose fur.Ā 

Boar Brush
- A soft-bristled brush is good for removing dirt, debris, dead skin cells and loose hair from your catā€™s coat. Itā€™s also nice to use at the end of a grooming session to distribute the oils through the coat, which makes it shiny and smooth.

Flea Comb
- A flea comb isnā€™t just for fleas! They can also be used as a ā€˜precision brushā€™. Flea combs are great at removing any loose debris in your cats coat. Because the teeth are close together, they will also remove lots of dead hair. A flea comb is best used at the end of your brushing routine as a finishing tool.Ā 

Nail Trimmers
- Trimming a cats nails regularly prevents a cats nails from being little pointy needles, helps with paw health and discourages negative clawing behavior!

-Ā  HelpsĀ relax your cat or help get their energy out through play to make them more open to being brushed. Can also just be given as a fun treat after a grooming session!

-How to Brush your Cat-

How to Brush Your Cat:

It's best to brushĀ your short haired cat at least once a day, butĀ even weekly brushing is helpful. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure your cat is comfortable and receptive to being touched.
  2. Begin with areas where your cat likes to be pet, usually on the back, between their ears, or under the chin
  3. Brush with the grain, and concentrate on one area at a time.
  4. As your cat becomes receptive to being brushed, you can slowly make your way toward more sensitive areas.
  5. If they become uncomfortable, stop for a while, then you can continue when they return back to being comfortable.
  6. Over time, your cat will become accustomed to being brushed and will enjoy it!Ā 

Finish each brushing session with some catnip or another special treat so they start to associate being brushed with good things! See our full article about brushing catsĀ HEREĀ 

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